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Game lags an insane amount for ~30 seconds when logging onto a character

Logging onto a sentinel, game takes about 30 seconds to ‘fix’ itself from having 1 fps and not being able to close the inventory screen which automatically pops up when loading a character

Happens here too, regardless of if it’s the first character upon loading or switching characters.

Same, for any character loaded

What version did this start happening in? Does it only happen with characters that are loading into End of Time, or does it happen with characters earlier on in the story?

A log file from when you load in an affected character would help as well.

Started happening several days ago, with every character. Old, new, anywhere, from just after character creation, through campaign to endgame.

Bump. This is the most infuriating problem I have with the game atm.
This might be related to the fact that my HDD is rather old and slow.

  • Happens on every login to any character, be it new or old, Campaign locations or The End of Time.
  • After loading screen, location loads, and Inventory page is stuck in open state for ~30 seconds. Can’t close it by any means - pressing “i”, “Escape”, or clicking on the cross in the upper-right corner.
  • After about 20-30 seconds the page closes by itself and game returns to normal.
  • during this state, tooltips for equipped items do not show.
  • Clicking anywhere on the page (including the cross) just makes the craracter to move to that location, as if the page was not open.
  • “Escape” key doesn’t do anything except producing “page flip” sound during this state
  • I can move and use abilities, but it feels stuttery.
  • One of my toons has Holy Aura. For the duration of the state, it seems to spam it’s turning-on vfx, going “woosh-woosh” for 30 seconds.
  • I can open character screen “C” key without problems.
  • Trying to remove an equipped item by dragging to inventory: it works, but while dragging I constantly hear repeating “cling” sounds, with period about twice a second.
  • Shop window seems to open okay, but I didn’t try to trade in this state.
  • Tried to open Stash, it seems to be reloading constantly - stash pages flicker twice a second for the duration of this state. I didn’t dare to interact with it in this state.

same thing happens to me to

Okay, this is ridiculous. I have replaced my old HDD with a 1TB WD SSD, cloned the disk data.
With old disk the game choked for over a minute. Nothing changed with the new disk. It’s still 40 to 70 seconds of unplayable state.

Some video footage to highlight the problem:

Oops, looks like I messed up my audio settings and because my voice was too loud, the ding sounds, that should’ve been heard during dragging an item, were suppressed by noise filter.

Hi all, thank you for highlighting this issue. We’ll have an opportunity to dive into loading time optimizations here soon. The good and bad news here is that we haven’t yet had the bandwidth to dive in to this which means that there is likely plenty of quick wins to be had.

When our next patch launches, which is not far off, if any of you remember to come back around and let us know how this looks with the update in hand it would be helpful. I don’t expect that it will change much for 0.7.2 but having up-to-date data would be helpful.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide us reports.

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I think its the items in your stash tabs thats getting loaded.
If you go and open the stash while loading, you see them appearing.

hmm, one way to test that would be to clear the stash and compare loading times.
I’ll try to do that. I should have enough inventory space among my characters to fit most of my stashed goodies.

Seems to be the Stash loading issue.
After I removed most of my items from stash, the lag duration reduced from 60-70 second to 15-20 seconds.

Something must be horribly wrong with the stash loading code to cause this much problems. Might it be that the items are retrieved from the Registry in a way that each item initiates a full Registry search (or worse, multiple searches) or something like that?

Happens for me as well. Regardless of character. If my memory is correct this has been happening since it went into beta. I sort of just let it go though…used that time to grab a beer:P

I’ve had this issue as well, but only since the latest patch, although it’s not as extreme as described by some others. The Inventory stays open and it feels like some sort of big FPS drop for anywhere between 5-15 seconds. It happens with newly created characters, characters in the End of Time, and characters in the Council Chambers.

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