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Game is lagging

Hi there,
I have a ryzen 5 3600, an rtx 2080 and 16gb of ddr4 3000 ram and the game feels really laggy.
The GPU and CPU usage dont even reach 50% while runnig the game.
Can someone tell me a fix or is my build the problem?
Thanks in advance,

You’ll need to give us a bit more info than that. Is it laggy all the time or only particular situations such as with a particular mob or skill? What is lagging, skills, are mobs teleporting around or are you rubber-banding? Are you playing an Acolyte with Wandering Spirits (known issue 'causing laggy movement)?

Uploading your log files might help.

A few other general things that you can do are: turn on streamer mode, try changing your windowed/full screen setting and turn off damage numbers.