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Game doesnt work


so, basicly, you just dont care anymore? thanks!


I’ve discussed this with one of my colleagues, and unfortunately neither of us are able to think of additional troubleshooting steps which are likely to prove useful.

Newegg has a video card with 8 GB of VRAM for $150. We recommend video cards with 4 GB or more, while supporting some cards with as little as 2 GB. Unfortunately your Radeon HD 6850 has only 1 GB of VRAM, and is thus not supported as noted in our system requirements.

According to the DxDiag you have provided, the driver for your video card was last updated in February 2016. The card was first released in 2010 - meaning that it will be ten years old in 2020, the year in which Last Epoch will be officially launched.

To quote this review from PC World written in 2010: “Priced at $179 (as of October 21, 2010), the Radeon HD 6850 might not top the charts, but it achieves an excellent price-to-performance ratio that’s sure to please frugal gamers.” Unfortunately this is not a video card you can reasonably expect to be supported by new games for nine years after its release.

With respect, not a single person has responded saying they have the same issue. Not one.

I’d consider the view count as potentially being an indication of the issue being widespread if you had given it a specific and detailed thread title - ‘Game takes several minutes to open’, or something similar. With something as vague as ‘Game doesn’t work’, I imagine most people who have looked at it likely opened it out of curiosity to see what the problem was.

I’m not sure that’s fair.

After initially asking for more information, my first recommendation was to contact Valve to request a refund of your purchase. It’s not in the interests of the company I work for to suggest that its paying customers obtain refunds, but I knew it would be in your interest to send such a request as promptly as possible (if you will be sending one) - as the sooner after a purchase you request a refund, the more likely it is that the refund will be granted.

We’ve tested for both physical faults and software conflicts. Unfortunately we are at the point where we have exhausted troubleshooting avenues likely to result in a significant improvement. We specifically cite VRAM in our system requirements on our Steam store page - regrettably, we aren’t always going to be able to assist someone who tries to play the game on hardware that isn’t supported. Not being able to help doesn’t mean we don’t care.

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