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Game Crashes very often

In the last 373 hours of gameplay I had crashed twice and those were related to very spammy builds.

Today so far I have crashed 6 times after the 0.7.10b patch in less than an hours time. Sometimes it happens on skills and sometimes just on entering a zone.

The game just goes into not responding.
Windows 10
Intel I7 6700K
16GB ram
SSD drive

Steam verified filesPlayer.log (47.3 KB) Player-prev.log (21.3 KB)

I changed my video settings to very low and it crashed the game, but after loading back in things appear to be working okay. I still do not understand why the settings I had been using for months is an issue, I know that an RTX2060 is not a top of the line card, but it had been running fine even with laggy builds with 60 minions.

For now I seem to be able to play, I will just leave it at low settings for now.