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Fury Leap's - Worrior's Entrance increases to minion damage

I skilled Fury Leap’s - Worrior’s Entrance an when I watch my Character panel and leap my melee damage is increased but nothing changes for my minions. Is this only a visual bug in the panel or does it fully not work for minions?


With no buff (me)

With buff (me)

With or without buff (pet/minion)

Thank you for the reports!

We are investigating this.

Hey guys, was just taking another quick peek at this and I thought I would leave an explanation here as it won’t appear to be fixed in the next update. (It is working).

The number in the character sheet is what buffs your minions are spawned with, not what buffs they currently have. When you fury leap, it gives them all a temporary buff but your character sheet doesn’t record buffs that your minions have, just buffs that you have which will make newly summoned minions stronger.

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