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Further thoughts on single companion / partner archetype for Beastmaster

I really like the new beastmaster passive tree, but would still like to see single companion get some improvement. My current thoughts are that you give up a bit too much power by going single companion. Additionally, giving up half of the bonus you get from choosing beastmaster (+1 max companion) doesn’t feel that great. My suggestions towards this archetype would be:

  1. Possibly add some form of scaling for the single companion nodes with how many max companions you have in your limit. e.g. +hp/dmg% per max companion

  2. Add some player specific bonuses for having a single companion. The druid tree already has some of this with the 50% armour/prots if you control one companion. More along these lines would be nice. Seeing the master/partner archetype played out would be neat if you can use it to improve your own melee capabilities as well as your strong single pet’s.

  3. Adding the term ‘partner’ into the beastmaster passives which would mean any companion that is your only active companion. This could be used to apply certain bonuses from passives to your partner companion and not to companions in a zoo/pack build. e.g. “Every 5 seconds you and your partner deal X% increased damage with your next melee attack and apply aspect of the shark.” or “Companions gain X% attack speed. Bonus is multiplied by your companion limit for partners.”

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