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Frenzy totem plus Eterra's Blessing

Goodday all!

Was wondering if this is intentional;

If i spec the ‘healing pulse’ node in the Frenzy Totem tree it gives YOU a 20% chance to cast Eterra’s Blessing on a random ally. The skill specificly mentions YOU cast it.
Though, when I spec into Eterra’s blessing, the resistance part for example, it does not give me (or my pets) any buffs etc.

Would love to have some insight on this.

It doesn’t use the tree for some reason.
I read somewhere its intended.

I find it very confusing to say the least

When minions (totems are minions) cast a skill they don’t cast your specialised skill, even if the skill they cast has the same name.

Thanks for the responses,

I understand the minion casting part, but the node specifies:
‘While in range of your Frenzy Totem, YOU have a chance to cast ‘’ on a random ally each second’

The wording really makes this weird, since some skills DO work this way.