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Forge Guard "Regenerator" passive node bugged

Hello. The passive node in the forge guard tree “Regenerator” stats you gain health on hit and health on block, yet after allocating the talent point, my stat page shows increases in health on hit and health on kill.

I think this was just a mistake and a relatively easy fix? Just thought I’d ask if you are aware of this bug, I actually wanted to build a forge knight as my main but this relatively small bug is actually make or break for a block build :confused:

Yeah, the tooltip for that has been bugged for a while now. It just needs to be updated to say hp on kill.

What? The entire forge guard class them is built around being a tank, why wouldn’t it be hp on block instead of health on kill? VK already has health on kill.

I’m certain it was supposed to be hp on block and it was overlooked when put in as hp on kill.

I don’t know, but the health on hit is exceptionally powerfull with the AoE from spammed Shield Throw.

Ok then, must be just tooltip error not updated. Thanks

This is actually a display error with the character sheet. Regenerator is correctly granting Health on Hit and Health on Block. Thanks for the report!

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