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For those with unresolved FPS issues

Not saying this will work for everyone, but the new stable Nvidia Geforce drivers that came out today (May 9th) seemed to have fixed ALL of my low FPS issues.

Did a Custom installation with a CLEAN install.


Thanks for the info!

Liked and bumped for importance :slight_smile:

No change, already had the modified nvida driver or whatever that fixed a lot of issues with the main previous driver.
Would you absolutely recommend a reinstall of the game? (I play on Steam), not sure how much a reinstall of the game actually helps.

I will try to reinstall the game and let u know, i know i am a bit late.

Btw @bigski is ur fps still ok afte all this time ?
I had same stable fps, but only for some time, it was never permanent so far

I’ve been stable ever since the Nvidia Drivers release.

One other thing is if you have any GPU monitoring/overclocking software that came with your brand of Nvidia card. Mine is Gigabyte, and when i set the Aorus Engine app back to default settings, that helped as well.

My FPS is somewhat better after reinstalling the game, but i hope it will stay this way.

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