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First tree requiring 21 points before Mastery quest?

I only have made 2 characters so I can’t test this until I make another character, but I had an issue with my Lich requiring 21 points in the free tree before I could allocate into Lich tree. Once I finished the main story quest to unlock Lich tree, then I could remove the 1 extra point in the acolyte tree. Did not pay attention to this on my first character and I tried removing the 21st point once I had allocated into Lich tree, but it did not work. As soon as I finished the Lich selection, it let me remove it. I don’t have plans to make another character for at least a few days but I will check again if the same issue occurs with non-Acolyte characters.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a character (possibly Lich-exclusive bug).
  2. Reach 22 points before finishing mastery unlock quest.
  3. Have 20 points allocated in first tree, then try to put 21st point into 2nd tree.
  4. Allocate 1 more point to first tree.
  5. Allocate 1 point to 2nd tree.
  6. Try to remove 21st point from base tree, failed.
  7. Unlock mastery quest and remove 21st point from base tree, success.

Every character I’ve created have only required 20 points to unlock the masteries. Once you put 20 points in there should be a button that appears above the base class passive tree to unlock the others.

Leveled a 2nd Acolyte, hit level 19 with 22 passives and was able to allocate only 20 points to Acolyte tree and then 1 passive to Necromancer and Lich tree each. Did not have the 21 allocate bug, so not sure what happened special with my first Acolyte character to force 21 points.

It is weird though I am able to allocate to the mastery trees before completing the mastery quest for a second time.

Yeah, that’s how it works.

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