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Fireball projectiles & "I can not do that" voiceline


just wanted to report 2 bugs I found after patch 0.7.2:

  • My fireball somehow has 5 projectiles instead of 3 now. I only skilled the first node that gives +2 projectiles. It were 3 before the patch

  • The “I can not do that” voiceline seems to be played by triggered skills. For example, if I use the Fire Shield mage skill my character says the voiceline although he uses the skill. Seems to happen if you already have the shield active and want to refresh it. Also only seems to happen if the mouse cursos is NOT placed on the UI. If I hover over my skillbar and use the skill I never get the voiceline, even in situations it should play (skill on cooldown for example).

I was just about to come on to address the “I cannot do that” thing with the Fire Shield. Maybe he’s just consistently in disbelief that he can manipulate fire to protect him instead of burn him? Who knows.

It sounds like something went wrong in either the saving or loading process; unfortunately there’s not much I can do to look into this without a way to reproduce it or a log file

That, and I believe it’s the fact that those skills have an “instant” cast time, which means any button press is technically trying to cast it multiple times (unless you can click impossibly fast).



I am getting the same deal with fire shield. Also I have 5 fireballs as soon as I got the +2 node and its my first character ever. So no save/load problem.

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