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Fastest Guide for First/Solo Character Leveling

My ultimate acolyte leveling guide which covers the fastest character in the game to get through the campaign. In this guide we use a solo character and do ZERO crafting and finish out the campaign in just under 3 hours with only a few deaths. In SC with twinked gear we finished the entire campaign in just 1 hour 49 minutes. This guide will get you to endgame with 0 dependency on gear and allow you start tacking the Monolith of fate as you transition to any other build that you’ve found or wanted to try. This is my first leveling guide, if you have questions or things are missing you would like to see or anything you didn’t like please let me know. Hope you enjoy!


I like your guide. You did a great job explaining everything important to the build whilst keeping the guide short and to the point. Videos like this are great for newer players like me or people new to ARPGs in general imho, so keep it up!
There seemed to be some issues with sound and at one point I think we can hear your phone ringing, but that’s just nitpicking.

i know exactly what part your talking about i thought i edited it out, ill see what i can do with youtube editor to clip it out.

Edit: ITs been removed :slight_smile:

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Glad you could remove it. Looking forward to new content from you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the guide. Pretty much followed it for the last few days. Level 45 now. I noticed around level 42, my character suddenly became super squishy. Died maybe once before then, but in Heoborea area now and most stuff destroys me pretty fast if I’m not kiting all over the place. Not sure if its due to mob scaling or recent game changes. Possibly stacking too much dodge and less other stats? At 587(57%) Dodge and 563 Health now.

Yeah I’m guessing getting some elemental resistance will fix your issues as fire/cold/lighting all the main damage types from heoborea on. Try gwtting 30%+ resist

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You probably want your resist to be at least the level of the area (capped at 75%) so that you don’t go negative with the mob’s inherent penetration. “Only” having 30% would give you -16% resist after pen.

Great guide. Unfortunately they gutted the Acolyte and almost all of your amazing Lich/Necro builds since the nerf.

Would love to see an updated build guide on some stellar Acolyte builds as I now have a useless lvl 60 Lich.

They’ve not gutted the Acolyte, they just made a single target skill (Rip Blood, at least the initial hit from it) actually single target… And he’s not even used it in that way…

The sky has not fallen.