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Farewell For Now

As the title says. this is farewell to my fellow players. for now.
I can no longer push myself through the vast size of the downloads everytime a new patch comes out. I love the game and i believe it will become a very strong title in the current industry we are in. but i can’t deal with the download size any longer. I live in a place where I am limited by my download speed and have to download over night just to maybe see it finished after i wake. So for now… Farewell. Until something is put in place i will no longer be playing. however ill be watching. Grind on friends!

This feels like a complaint…

But to the point: mate, quitting now because of download sizes on account of your internet not being exactly great will not change the fact that download sizes will still be too big for your internet. If your internet isn’t being changed, why stop? You will have to face the “bigness” of the download sizes at some point, better have them in increments, instead of coming back to a massive one later which won’t download overnight no matter what. At least if you don’t stop, you follow the development along us all, while still having fun with the game.

literally every download is 20+ gb’s anytime something is changed i have to redownload 20+gb’s. I know the team has addressed this and is working on it currently. and their hard work is very much appreciated. i simply cannot do it anymore. i will be watching daily for the time i can make my return without fear of waiting 10 hrs on a download to finish.

I’d stop playing too with bad internet. Maybe you can find a nice group to play bridge with?

well for the time being ill stick to LoL and minecraft. ill see you guys sooner than we all may think xD

Hey Blakey, it saddens me to hear that this issue is keeping you from playing the game but I do understand. It is an issue with how our engine handles resources and changes to them - we’ve identified a way to address this but it is not a small task. I’ve personally set out to find another developer resource to help us implement the solution. I’m hoping to have this implemented in the upcoming months.

Until then, many thanks for your early support and I hope the next time you boot up Epoch this is no longer a pain point.


Its ok. like i said i dont plan to go anywhere and i fully support the game. i’ll have my eye on it until you guys have it sorted out. i know you are all working hard to get this resolved and i look forward to the day i make my return!


Would be cool if an encrypted USB key could be sent out to those customers; with each patch iteration (maybe for a small fee?). Only on a per case basis; to ensure players aren’t unfairly exempted from not being able to participate in Beta or the finished game. Just a thought for those with poor internet bandwidths………….sorry to hear that Blakey…

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