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Familiar mod targeted mobs with vines and totems

Hey guys nothing to insane, but I play a lot of primalist both totems and vines for both regular vines and spriggan form vines. there is a small annoyance regarding familiar mods on rares. my totem/vines would kill them. then the rare comes back to life both my vines and totems would ignore the rare that just respawned until I summoned new ones. could we make it so the totem/vines retarget enemies that respawn and attack them if they have remaining duration left on the skill/minion.

This is a known bug (though I think there are some other posts on it as well somewhere).

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i tried looking didnt see any myself. but glad to know its known. since been dealing with this for months. just reminding/ shedding light back on it since its common. but appreciate the response of acknowledgement