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Excessive Cache Memory left after closing Last Epoch [Linux]

So for me Last Epoch runs at a rather high memory usage (about 9gb) which is okay since I have 16gb.

However with the latest patch I have noticed that my memory consumption has been going much higher than the purported 9gb shown by system monitor. after opening, playing for a while, and then closing last epoch, I am still left with about 5gb running on my system unaccounted for. I’ve managed to verify that this is stored as cache memory on the system.

OS: Linux Mint

I suspect you are looking at the wrong numbers.

What is the output of free -m ? “free” doesn’t mean what you would generally think it does in Linux.

This explains it better than I can. Although the title says red hat linux, it applies to Debian derivatives too


No processes on system running currently, so used memory should be at be between 1-2 GB, instead it’s sitting at 10gb with a decent about stuck on swap.

Heh, that is wierd. What does top say is using the physical memory at that point?

Swapping seems quite high to me, but that might be because Mint has a high swappiness level set as default, I don’t know what that might be by default. In any case it shouldn’t really be a noticeable issue for you. If you really don’t like it try reducing your swappiness, though the trade of is that if you go too far you will get a kernel panic when you run out of memory.

free (as far as I understand it) is reporting memory actually in use there, so it would suggest to me that:
a) after you quit LE, it still takes a little time to actually shut itself down and drain the memory process
b) there is another thing using up the memory that is currently running that may or may not be related to the LE process (but not the LE process itself)

you can get a more fine grained info on memory usage with cat /proc/meminfo (iirc)
you can also use top and sort by physical and virtual memory usage, which will give you the exact process that is using the memory

Looking through top, it seems that “razerd” (presumably the process for my headset) was eating up my RAM, as well as a decent chunk of CPU. Killing the process gave the RAM back. I find it weird that LE was causing it to take up significantly more memory usage. :thinking:

I have an SSD as my main drive, so I set the swapability to the lowest setting when I installed Mint, it was using swap because I went over the 16gb standard memory while I was playing.

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