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"Everward" points in Focus skill tree giving too much ward retention

As the title suggests.

The “Everward” passive point (top left) of the Focus skill tree supposedly gives 50% ward retention per point, while channelling Focus.

I currently have 3 points allocated to Everward, and so I should be getting 150% ward retention while channelling. Instead, looking at the tooltip in the “additional defences” section of the character sheet, I gain 450% ward retention while channelling the Focus skill. (This is true both with and without the extra ward retention gained from teleporting recently.)

It’s increased ward retention. It multiplies the number you already have in your ward retention by that much instead of adding it.

Thanks for the reply.
This didn’t seem to be the case, however, as I gained 450% whether or not I had the increase from teleporting recently. Unless the buff from teleporting recently is added after the multiplier from Everward is taken into account?
I’ll play around with it a little more and see :slight_smile:

The ward retention buff from Teleport is also a multiplier of existing ward retention, they should add together to determine the total increase to the stat.

I think the take-away here is that the difference between “ward retention” and the “increased ward retention” multiplier isn’t obvious enough, and perhaps could be noted in the alt-info-text.

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