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Hi guys.
Atm i want to try some builds-specs for my class,but after rerolling 3-4 times 60-80 points i dont have enough money for respec again,so i start levling a new character and after that i test more and have the same problem again after 3-4 times.
So my question is,if its possible to make something like an week or weekend event without respec coast and maybe double exp or something like that?
I like that game,but im tired of creating everytime a new character when i cant pay the respec coast :sleepy:
Sorry for my eng,i hope you understand what i mean.


It’s a beta and I don’t know why they make things that expensive. I think the prices are okay but some people seem to have trouble. Right now I’m so far to say respeccs should be free during testing periods with a clear statment that those will cost something later on. Right now it’s pretty pointless to have respecc costs because it pretty much limits the the people into one thing without given intrest into toying arround with stuff and find skills that don’t work like they should.

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