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Equipped item incorrectly groups stats into affixes in "compare to equipped" view

I’m wearing a pair of gauntlets with both of the Glancing Blow prefixes. When I mouse over them normally while they’re equipped, the affixes are shown correctly:

However, when I mouse over a different pair of gauntlets in my inventory and hold Ctrl to display the “compare to my equipped item” view, the stats from the two Glancing Blow affixes on my equipped pair are grouped incorrectly, displaying as if both Glancing Blow stats were from a single affix:

This is purely a display bug.

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Thank you for the report!

I don’t believe this to be a bug; I think the intention here is for the comparison to simply display total stat changes, rather than specific affixes. I’ll flag this for discussion at a future meeting.

In this case it’s a bit odd for the “+20 armour” line to be grouped in with the two Glancing Blow stats.

Thanks for taking a look!

edit Just to be sure, I’m talking about the panel describing my equipped item (with the arrows on the left and right indicating whether each set of stats is a prefix or a suffix), not the stat comparisons (green and red text).

This bit:

Ah, I see - thanks for clarifying!

We’ll look into this.

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