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Equipped gear disappeared when logging in

I played this morning and everything was fine, left the game for about an hour (without shutting down my PC), then logged back into my Acolyte. The following events occurred:

  1. I pressed “Enter game”
  2. Instead of entering the loading screen, the chat, skillbar, and inventory UIs all popped up over the character select screen (all empty except for my weapon).
  3. Nothing happened, but I could still click the “Enter game” button, so I did
  4. The game entered the loading screen.
  5. In game my character model had no equipment on, and I only had my weapon equipped. All other equipped items seem to be gone completely (stash and crafting stash seem fine).
  6. I exited the game, came back in, everything loaded normally, but my equipment is still gone.

System/log info:

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