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Endgame Gear - Craft vs Unique, vs what?


Hey Folks! So what is your take on on the endgame-gear System as it is currently planned?

From my notice-book, crafting should be the endgame-gear and crafting is the way to go. This would imply that grinding for mats and White/blute/yellow? gear with the right Affix/lvl/type etc. will be the endgame hunt.

Unique/Legendaries will make the leveling funnier, but in and on themselves, will be replacable by crafted items later (or are intented to be).

Is this true? If yes, how do you feel About that?



In my personal opinion “unique” items should be build enabling and supplemented by other gear pieces/talent tree choice.


A healthy mix of uniques and rares would be the best - 75% rares 25% uniques. I personally enjoy hunting / trading ultra rare giga donger uniques the most. Already since I was a bitch kid I flipped and merched in Runescape until I got a Halloween Mask which I was very proud of!
For me it’s not about the prestige, it’s about the journey and being happy that you’ve grown.


I feel like certain uniques can be used for end game builds but it has to be with a mix of well crafted gear. Due to the way crafting looks to be in this game there are a lot of high end outcomes that are going to be really good. You can choose 1-2 uniques and craft gear around them to make a build and it would work great.


It always depends on the droprates. If you need to farm unique X for a working build things can be bad. If Uniques are worse then crafted gear, like in some cases, uniques won’t be that unique after all. It’s realy saddening for me that there are so many uniques that benefit minion builds heaviely and without some of them the pets just underperform when you look at it. Other builds in earlier versions that stacked ward like crazy are another example how things should not be in my eyes. I’m okay with setitems giving big bonuses but uniques should alter stuff and not make you feel inferrior if you have none.


right now its clearly crafted for endgame, but the Dev’s haven’t added any endgame legendary/uniques yet. I believe their plan is a mix of crafted and uniques/legendaries/sets.

The dev’s have a big post about their plans for endgame gear…etc, its a good read and answers alot of your questions.

They really should sticky it someone so people can add onto it without having to go search for it.