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Elemental Nova: Protective Strikes - Ward Generation Issues

Good morning

This is regarding the Protective Strikes node for Elemental Nova.

The node states elemental nova hits have a chance to generate ward. I have 5/5 points invested in it giving me a 35% chance of generating ward.

Even against a pack of 6 enemies, I rarely generate ward once. It does not appear to be generating ward on a per-hit basis, sometimes on a per-cast basis if anything. The rate does not appear to be accurate, either…

It appears to either not work at all (is it on a cooldown?), work inconsistently, or more often, conduct one big ‘roll’ based on ‘subrolls’ basde o the number of enemies hit, not independently.

Can you guys look into this, please?

I agree it’s not proccing 35% of the time, I’ve made a note to look into this internally. Thanks!

Thanks for looking into it.

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