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Effigies spell Necromancer needs to be looked at ( SUGGESTION )

Hello, this spell is good but NOT really. has a 25% to consume a minion when i am at LOW health.

What i noticed, is it procs regardless where my HP is at even at 80% -------- BUG?

So i need to recast minions quite often, which is not good to keep on spamming minions every time i get hit ( not a pleasant playstyle ).

SUGGESTION: instead of consuming the minion make it consume its HP pool and not consume the minion.

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This is already a confirmed bugged, it was happening to me on a live stream and arts was watching and passed it along to the dev team. I assume it will be fixed in the future to work correctly.

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Thanks for the reply, i didnt know if anyone reported it and decided to write about it
Cheers ;-D

Keep them bugs coming theres lots more :slight_smile:

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