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Early transformation skill for the Primalist?

Would be nice to have the option. So far the class has spells, minions, totems and attacks he can use early but the transformations take some time to unlock. Maybe something like a Werewolf transformation to get a taste of what is to come when you commit fully into the Druid tree?

Shapeshifting is the only thing that makes Druid stand out to the other primalist classes. It would be a big joke to have a free for all shapeshift when they want to make class choices matter more, at least from my point of view.

With the new mastery system coming in 0.7.4 you choose a mastery upon completing a quest in the end of time. Choosing your mastery includes immediately getting a skill specific to that mastery, and for the Druid that skill is Werebear Form. This means you will gain access to a transformation skill significantly earlier than in 0.7.3, but only if you’re a Druid.

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I never understood this argument. Why not make the other 2 masteries more special then? Why not cut all spells until you go into Shaman?

This is great! I was just coming on here to say you get Werebear way too late. I am excited to test this out and see how it feels. Thanks for the continued iteration!

Well that’s a great change of pace I like it. Time to play a SSF Druid to see how things work out.

Yea its good. My main complaint is that I don’t want to level up a primalist high only to check how good the transformations are. Mechanically I mean. Some skills are too clunky, I like being able to move around fast and avoid stuff.

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