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Early release due Coronavirus

I know those who pre-purchased the game will receive it in April even it’s still in beta. But a lot of us are quarantined at home due the spread of Coronavirus and I don’t know about everyone else but I’m here watching other play with nothing to do.

I don’t know if this is possible but it would be a bro move from the devs.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Just moving the thread out of #customer-service to a more appropriate section.

While i already own and play the game i do think that would be a cool gesture from the devs if they feel ready for it already.

Alot of devs doing some sort of event or give bonuses to player due to the unique circumstances the whole world is in.

Not sure if the devs initially had planned something special for the “release” to all of those pre-orders, but i think nobody would be upset if the devs just release the game to all of those and then later surprise us with a big patch or something^^

You could also do a bro move and buy the EA package. This way you would support an indie studio with their first project especially during the Corona crisis. This way you could stop watching others play and start playing yourself.

I don’t think there is any need of rushing anything just because some people are bored these days.

Yes there are some companies that make special offers (bundles or giveaways), but these are the big ones. They can afford it easily.

But I did not hear anything about other studios releasing their games earlier. That does not make sense to me.


After checking the Kickstarter page as I’d forgotten what the pledges were, this would give 973 backers the game a month early.

This would actually be a nice touch with everything going on in the world and as a kickstarter beta backer it wouldn’t bother me at all. Most people are saving every penny now with the lockdowns happening all over the world and letting less than a thousand backers get the beta a month early would be a nice gesture.

Not sure if you understood what he meant.

The idea was that People who pre-ordered the smallest pack (just the base game) would get a little bit earlier access.

Because the original release date for the game was April the devs said after their annoucement to postpone the release that everybody who had preordered the base game would still get access to the beta in April.

Yes. Seems I misunderstood the meaning. :drooling_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth: You want the April Access to be earlier.

I think this would be a nice idea.

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Yea would be awesome to have an early-release!

I must be missing something as don’t we already have early access to the beta?

Not everybody has access right now. There was (still is?) a preorder package that did not contain early access. Because of the postponement of the release EHG stated that these preorders would get access to the game at the original release date in April.

Unless you pledged on Kickstarter up too the pathfinder level you don’t get beta access until April. The OP was asking if they could get it a bit early :slight_smile:

I bought the $35 dollar current supporter pack and have beta access. It’s Pathfinder level and above for the Kickstarter, and Ardent Gladiator level and above for the current supporter packs. Buying on Steam right now is equivalent to the Ardent Gladiator level and grants you beta access as well.

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