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Drop rates


I am just curious. I assume for beta drop rates for legendary and (if I ever get around to getting in deep enough) set items are higher for beta simply to allow more people to use them and possibly find bugs and such and will be tuned down on release?


There are no legendaries in the game yet. Do you mean uniques?
Drop rate seems on par with PoE. There are ones that drop often and ones that are really hard to find. I still haven’t got some of the best uniques, namely Reach of the Grave, Torch of the Pontifex, The Fang.
Some low-level uniques drop pretty often, and they should, as they are meant to be leveling items.


funny I’ve got doubles or more of all of those, but not a single exsanquinus. which annoys the shit out of me since it’s build defining for me. Like literally over the course of 2 weeks, I’ve found every other unique in the game (literally every one) but not the one I want.


Ive played for a week and own almost every unique item in the game. I am missing a couple but almost all I own

I found 4 Exsangious for example. Took a while for Bleeding Heart to drop, then realise that Sorcerer Flameshield build doesn’t even work