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Dragon respawn

Not 100% if this is a bug or not, but definately stood out to me.

When looking for Temple of Eterra, you go through the time portal, at end of this ancient (I think) portal you face the dragon, you can town portal out sell items and when you return through your portal the dragon is respawned; This can be done infinitly as far as I can tell.

Maybe not something massive, thought I would place it here anyway.


Thanks for the post!

While this functionality is not desired, it is a technical limitation affecting the persistance of zones. We’ll be changing this in future, though I’m not able to offer an ETA for this.

Due to this not being a distinct bug but rather a sypmptom of a global issue, I’ll mark this thread as solved. While that’s a bit of a misnomer, it’s mostly used to indicate that we do not need to later address the topic of this thread - which in this case is true.

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