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Does the base item level affect the type of affix rolled?

Simple question regarding Gambling (and I suppose random drops).

To prevent any misinterpretations of my question :

  1. I am NOT referring to the type of base item - i.e. I am NOT talking about affixes that can only be on rings vs only on chests. Obviously you cannot get a ring exclusive affix on a chest.

  2. I AM referring to the chance of getting specific affixes themselves on a specific type of item. i.e. on chests, there are various affixes from commonly found to very rare.

  3. I am NOT referring to any Tier levels. Just the chance of actually getting a specific affix on an item which can get that affix. it can be T1 or T6, that is irrelevant to my question.

Example for clarity:
I am looking for a chest affix: of Attenuation (Mana on Vengence for Sentinel). According to lastepochtools it is a “very rare” chest affix which I understand as “hard to find”.

When gambling (or even via drops) is it more likely to roll this affix on a Worn Chest or Solarum Plate? "

i.e. is it more likely to roll on the crappy chest for 50c or the high quality chest for 3300c? Or are the chances even - i.e. making the level of the base item irrelevant.

Hope my question is clear… I figure the answer should be a simple quick answer if someone knows for sure.

I don’t think the level of the item base matters when determining what you can get on it (other than you #1 & #2). I think affixes are “unlocked”/made available to the drop pool based on area level.

Ok. I had not considered the affix level until seeing your reply.

lastepochtools says that this affix requires level 56 to use.

Which seems that it would either make a level 1 chest require a level 56 char to use


be more logical to roll on a chest with a level > 56 (i.e. only on the Bronze Cuirass - level 60 sentinel or above chest levels)

Would be great to know for sure. :frowning:

No, a lvl 56 affix requires you to be in a lvl 56 area to be able to drop. You can then craft 1 of those on a white item & use it at lvl 1.

Ok. From this then I understand it to mean the following:

  1. Affix levels indicate the minimum AREA/MAP level from when they will begin to drop.
  2. Affixes can be used on any item level provided its the appropriate item for that affix.
  3. Any level chest should be able to roll any chest possible affix provided it meets the minimum AREA/MAP level required for that affix.

Unsure of what area level the Gambler in the End of Time is but I am hoping he would be max level to get any drop.

Thanks for the replies.

Yes, that is my understanding of it. I would assume that since the End of Time is always the player’s level, the gambler uses the player’s level (via the level of the End of Time).

That is not 100% correct. There are affixes that are exclusive to certain chest types. For example your “Mana on Vengence for Sentinel” will only drop on Sentinel armor, not on any other class armor. Since you propably only gamble armor for your class this hint may be obsolete. But just in case you’re gambling for shards to craft on an armor you already have you might buy the complete armor stock to increase chances.

That would be logical. As above, am still hoping that the various Sentinal armours all still have an even chance of dropping the affix irrespective of their levels/base value. (Assuming other requirements like map level are met).

Would be nice to get some Dev confirmation on this as whats here is mostly opinions. I’ve too tried to gamble for rare sentinel chest affixes and after spending something like 10 million gold it has spawned on Sentinal only with a base level of 60+. I was looking for the “increased physical damage and bleed” for my penance build and only got ONE in 10 million gold buying sentinel chestpieces. Ofcourse the shatter failed :sob:

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Rare affixes are rare (unfortunately & I’m not entirely sure why they are so rare).

I’m fine with the rarity, I just don’t want to waste gold/time trying to roll affixes that can’t even roll on a piece of gear. Just want some clarity on what they can roll on. I’m thinking the phys & bleed one can only roll on the highest level sentinel chest piece as the only 3 I’ve seen have been on that chestpiece. Haven’t had it spawn on a lower level one yet so could be wrong it just hasn’t happened yet. if probably the best place to find what is possible to have on an item slot.

That affix requires lvl 60, so as long as you’re lvl 60 it should be able to spawn on any Sentinel chest on the Gambler.

Yeah, but that is the affix level requirement, level required to wear, and not necessarily how it rolls on gear it the first place. I think the OP and I just want some clarity on that. It could roll on all Sentinel Chests or just on 60+ chests.

It’s a sentinel-only affix, so can only spawn on sentinel chests. The level requirement is for it to drop, not to “wear”, it is very rare.

I’ll take your word for it, but would be nice to have some dev confirmation. Thanks for the help LLama.

Base items/affixes from gambler/merchant are based on your level (doesn’t matter if you are in end of time or council chambers which is lvl6 area).
Base items/affixes on dropped items are based on area level.

If you are lvl56+, you should be able to get Mana on Vengence affix on lvl1 chest from gambler. It is a very rare affix though.


Proving to be more likely that I would win the lottery… :wink:

Oh my g.d… A few minutes after replying to you… Just got one from a 250coin chest in the gambler. Murphy!

Thats 1 affix shard after at least 100h on my sentinel char and it wasnt even a drop!


now that I have one I am too scared to put it on anything less than a perfect chest… argghh…

EDIT: another one a few minutes later… what the hell…