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Does smite via judgment benefit from

Does the node in the judgment skill tree that grants smite cast on hit benefit from smite’s skill tree?

And does the smite scall with strength (since it comes from judgment which does scale with str), or is it like smite only - fire, spell, att… Or is it both? :wink:

Trying to get a melee-caster running :stuck_out_tongue:

I have played a Paladin who has dabbled in both Judgment and Smite. The short answer is: yes - the Smite that comes from the Judgment hit benefits from Smite’s skill tree. The best way to see that for yourself is to take the skill points in Smite that grant increased Attack Speed after casting the spell - after you use Judgment, you will see your Attack Speed go up in your character sheet.

I had not focused on how much damage Smite did because I was focused on Melee attacks and Ignite chance / damage, but my assumption is that the initial hit of Judgment scales with Judgment bonuses like STR, while the Smite spell will scale with its bonuses, like ATT, only.

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