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Disintegrate OP nerf please [Parental Advisory Explicit Content]

I think disintegrate snapshots your crit chance when you start channeling

I watch streams, check ladder, read forums.
The reason, its yours strongest sorc build, doesn’t make it automatically good.


I can’t say much for streams/streamers, since i do not consume that content.

Ladder is only available for Arena currently, which starts to scale ridiculously at some point any ANY channeled skill falls off in the higher end of the arena.

I am very active on the forum and yes i already read some people complaining about disintegrate not working that well, but they already buffed disintegrate quite often over the last few patches. Still those few people on the forums do not reflect “the general opinion” very well, as it never does, regardless of the matter.

Well, you don’t know me and i don’t know you that well.

But i would consider myself a very experienced player and i already played dozen, no hundreds of different builds. I can tell if a build/skill is overall “good” or “bad”.

I did clear all timelines in MoF with ease, while almost facetanking anything, except some exceptions.
It can be argued that MoF is “too easy”, but it’s a pretty good staple of measuring a builds strenght or at least comparing builds. And Disintegrate was average or above average at all times for me.

Of course that is still only my opinion and you can of course disagree.

But i would still ask you to not speak on behalf of others.

Thank you very much.

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i tested it with backfire node.
It is correct.

I like trying builds built around a particular unique and this one definitely seems like it has the potential to actually be useful late game (unlike most current uniques) …

Did some further testing and it is indeed snapshoting the crit. That is weird, because before transitioning i had lots of different hits in my build and for some reason my disintegrate dealt alot less damage.

So i just assumed it doesn’t and didn’t much further investigation.

Adding hits to your build that bork your crit chance would make this builds still alot clunkier, since channeling builds are already a bit clunky by themselves.

The only thing it can be useful for is shock/shred, that can be supported with gear now

Except Disintegrate can’t shock/shred on hit because it doesn’t hit, so the shock/shred on hit from gear won’t work for Disintegrate (though if you’re supporting it with the Lightning Blast while channelling node then you could get your shock/shred from that)…

We were talking about any “hits” that occur outside of Disintegrates damage.

lol those are rookie numbers son…

I remember when I thought 200k hits were big too :wink:

now you got people with dots ticking over 2mil…

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Well, i don’t need any “stacking” or preparing for that, except for the ramping up time for amplification and escaltion nodes^^

So i can do those numbers consintenly :stuck_out_tongue:
And as i said i didn’t even try to min-max that^^

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I got the crit chance and the Tier 3 beam going, but still only hitting about 26k max. What else are you doing?

There are several things that scale this thing.

Most important thing besides the actualy crit chance is a high “Adaptive Spell Damage Value”, that is the thing that scales this very high the most, since Disitegrate has 300% added damage effectiveness.

If you already have that and still not coming close to those numbers i would have a rough breakdown of your gear and passives and disintegrate skill tree. To be able to help you fix that.

Ok it seem a lot but does the poor puppy have resistance at all? Maybe it don’t have ( 0% base) i don’t really know and you have damage penetration

Yeah the numbers on dummeis are of course ALOT higher than in reality when you are out in the field fighting mobs.

I think the dummy just don’t has any resistances and does not get any DR. (I think the higher the area level, the more damage reduction enemies get via a baseline system)

Most of the damage just comes from the ridiculous interaction between the items.

But i also have some shock (which now shreds lightning resistance) and some minir lightning penetration from Sorcerer Passive Tree

There are several builds that can do 200k+ dummy dps.
Its not something overpowered.
And disintegrate build pays it with mobility price.
For example it will never be as effective as range kiting build in arena.

Don’t forget i just slapped on that few items for an iteraction, put one some old crit stuff laying in stash(not specailly good) and i already did achieve more than alot of min-maxed endgame builds.

I personally don’t even have tried to get all out of this interaction, but @boardman21 did

This interaction is just straight broken and unbalanced.

once again 350k dummy dps can be done with other builds for example serpent strike beast master can do way more.
I want to see this build doing 300+ arena.
In best case we will see some around 200 waves runs.
This build is good for monos but very immobile to use in arena.

Currently the best sorc disintegrate arena run is wave 98.

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I don’t aruge that this build would excel at arena, i already specified my thoughts on that way above.

Also comparing this to a build that needs “setup time” to reach that numbers is impractible.
With this build i press a button and boom there we go.

It’s always bad to compare “pure numbers” on dummy, sicne there is no context, but this build can do very high numbers with a “DoT” type ability on DEMAND with minimal setup(just wait for amplification and escalation node)

Its need same time to setup as any other build
and a lot of time to optimize.