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Devouring orb applying ignite only on first hit

Devouring Orb with Cosmic Impact seems to ignite on collision but only on the first collision with an enemy. Is it meant to only ignite on the first collision, not ignite at all or should it ignite on all collisions?
I guess while on this skill:
-Abysall Rush doesn’t update the character sheet value for movement speed. Seems to be actually giving the increase though.

Interesting, it definitely shows the updated move speed on my character sheet

Thanks Turi. With that I found out that it was indeed updating but after a bunch of casts, or other event I haven’t been able to identify yet, the value on the character sheet doesn’t return to normal

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I’m seeing devouring orb ignite multiple enemies. Or were you wondering if an orb could ignite the same enemy multiple times?

Apologies for not being clear in my first post, rereading it now it seems to read exactly as you assumed. Yes, it does indeed ignite multiple enemies, however this is not what I was trying to explain.

The interaction I’m talking about is when you have the node for Devouring Orb to orbit you, it ignites on the first collision with an enemy (all enemies) but it doesn’t seem to apply an ignite once it does a full circle around and hits the same enemy again.
It makes sense for the static orb to apply only one ignite and not be able to just kite enemies in and out of the orb again to repeat the ignite, but if the orb is orbiting the player I feel it is logical for it to ignite again once it goes around and hits a second time. Adding a short cooldown (0.5s or however long it takes the orb to do at least half an orbit) on that ignite application should prevent players from just running around a mob with the orb constantly on it and exploiting ignites but if it only applies an on hit effect once it cripples the node. So knowing how it is intended to work would shed a lot of light.

Hope I managed to explain what I mean clearly this time but let me know if I should clarify more.

PS. Sorry about the wall of text
PS2. While on the ignite on hit discussion - should the Void Knight passive Future Strike apply on hit effects as well? Currently the hit happening 2 seconds later doesn’t seem to be applying on hit effects so just want to know if this is how it should be

It can not. Only hits from skills can proc ailment chances, and future strike is technically an ailment itself.

We plan to explain interactions like this in more detail in game eventually, sorry if it’s a bit unintuitive for now.``

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