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Damaging Fractures

I find damaging fractures way too punishing being just a step up from minor fractures. And having destructive fractures feels almost irrelevant. Most of the time losing just 2 tiers per affix would already render an item completely useless.

I would like to suggest destructive fracture be what is the current damaging fracture and for damaging fracture to be revised to a lower penalty, e.g. reduce by 1 - 2 tier per affix.


I agree that the damaging fracture is the exact same as destructive fracture, whenever a have a damaging fracture I just shatter it (it is the only “good side” from damaging, you don’t completely lose the item so you can still shatter and get a few affixes back). Anyway this is a good suggestion !

Oh right. I didn’t know why I didn’t think of this when I was mulling over the purpose of destructive fracture. Currently though, I don’t think any single affix is rare enough for me to feel slightly better about salvaging a few shards. Perhaps there would be much rarer shards in future.

Though even if there is a purpose to destructive fracture. I’ll like to see two tiers of damaging fracture. A random shot at breaking 1-5 tiers per affix feels way too much!

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