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Cursor Blues

Honest question. Trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong and if I can tweak settings or get this more acceptable.

I play mostly melee characters, Sentinel is easily most played character class and my Paladin is my most played character.

Once I get past Arena 45 or MoF 12 (sometimes even sooner) most of my deaths come as a result of not being able to find the cursor on the screen. So I have to try to get out of the mass of fireworks going on around me to get away and find the cursor again. Meanwhile, I’ve now stopped attacking so any life-leech I have disappears and bam. (This is just an example but the deaths from losing the cursor happen a lot when I have to disengage to find it again.)

Because of the bright flashes that most bosses/elite enemies do I am CONSTANTLY losing the cursor and I can’t see if the bosses are flashing to signify I’ve got them targeted or not. On top of that the red outline just vanishes as well in all the flashing and strobing.

How does everyone else handle this?

By no means is what I do a solution as the precious seconds lost have still resulted in deaths, however I move the cursor to a specific corner by using an excessive mouse movement (quick swift motion to upper right corner) and I use it as the base/center for repositioning towards the appropriate position.

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This likely won’t help you much, but I use a controller for combat and thankfully pressing in on the right-thumbstick places the cursor back at the center of the screen. Every time I lose that little guy (the cursor) during combat I just click that thumbstick. I’d probably die far more often if I couldn’t do that. :grin:

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This would help a bit but the problem seems to be that I have a multiple monitors. And, yes, I run in Fullscreen Exclusive but the cursor doesn’t appear to be locked into just that monitor. If I move off to the left, generally my mouse goes out of the monitor into the next one which just compounds the issue.

Perhaps I’m missing a setting for locking the cursor to just the play window?

I don’t use a controller so that doesn’t work, unless there is someway to do this with a mouse and keyboard?

So color me uninformed but I have found a work-around of sorts to this.

I’m on a Mac so your mileage may very.

Under System Preferences->Accessibility there is actual a feature that allows you change the size of the cursor. This effects the cursor IN-GAME as well.

The problematic thing with this is if the game is the only time you want the cursor to be larger you have to reset it every time you want to use the rest of your computer. Not that big a deal but it is a down-side.

I’ve been testing it and making the cursor about 50% larger has been making a difference. Having really pushed yet to see what happens when everything on the screen is a bright flashing conflagration but it has promise.

You motivated me since I have this same problem so check this out in Windows Control Panel/Mouse —Pointer Options --> tick the box to locate mouse when pressing then releasing the Ctrl key…it sends a sonar pulse to the pointer…works in game!

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That sounds promising for the Windows users! Unfortunately on a Mac we only have the ability to shake the mouse to make it get bigger for a moment. Which isn’t particularly helpful in this particular situation when you’re trying to pin point a little better.