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Crashes every time I try to play the game


I made some more testing and was able to play for a while today until it crashed. The previous post I made did not create stack trace files but this new one did.
error.log (89.9 KB)
output_log.txt (230.3 KB)

Here are some snapshots by order of execution. I don’t think the GTX 1070 is struggling but maybe the logs can show otherwise.



would u also be able to provide your cpu specs as well? a dxdiag or just the name would do thanks.


Here you go @luke-dooly , dxdiag info + CPU-Z stuff. Hope that helps
CPUGPU%20006 CPUGPU%20007


for some reason, unity is hard crashing from what looks to be just a generic out of memory issue. considering your computer is about on par with mine I don’t think that should be a factor tho. (physical ram size) ill see what i can do.