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Crash at Story-Lagon

every time i use a skill on lagon the game freezes.
play a void knight. no matter what skill.
use Rive, warpath, lunge and erasing strike.
no chance to continue playing. crashfolder is empty no report inside.
Sys-Specs are 3700x / 2070super / 32 gb / ssd MP600 (pcie4). drivers up to dateDxDiag.txt (101,5 KB)le_graphicsmanager.ini (487 Bytes)Player.log (26,0 KB)

Very sorry about this!

Unfortunately I’m not seeing any useful information from the log file. If you could get a video recording of when the game freezes that would be very helpful. If that’s not possible, a detailed description of what happens would help as well, including any error popups you saw from the game or Windows.

Do you have any other characters that are far enough in the story to fight Lagon? If so, could you try that and see if the game still freezes?

Unfortunately, leveling another character and trying to fight Lagon is the strongest suggestion I have right now, as it would tell us if the problem is specific to the character you’re playing, or if it’s something else. I definitely understand that that’s a big time commitment to ask, though.