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Crafting Tab Change Idea

How about moving the Runes from the inventory tab to the blank section on the Crafting screen:


Great idea! Then leave the second tab in our bag for more collection room.

I hate the new crafting tab. Sure there might be not enough space to extend it sideways at some point but it was far better then the mess we have now. The place where you want to see the runes is the place where it shows failure chances for crafts… I’d rather keep the field for the failure chances :p.

I like this more than where it’s currently at in the inventory. Crafting stuff in the crafting UI makes sense.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I recently commented on the new crafting tab in another thread;

We’re unlikely to go with this particular idea as it may not scale well - as we add additional runes and glyphs to the game we’ll likely outgrow what this part of the user interface is capable of dealing with. That said, we are exploring improvements we can make. :slightly_smiling_face:


To piggy back on Throxos idea. You could have just 2-4 slots in there that you can chose which runes to put so you can still have the new tab thats in the inventory but then you can put the 4 most used ones in the crafting tab for quick access.

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