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Crafting concerns

The crafting system is full of great ideas, such as extracting item powers for later use. My concern comes from the fact that you just have a few bites from the apple before the item fractures despite all protections used. I understand that this is for “balance” but currently it seems a bit to harsh and steep, ending your crafting very quickly and thus making crafting much less usable than what it might be.

I personally really like the system. I think with having it the way it is, it makes all items levels valuable to an extent. At a minimum you want to look at all the items that drop.

Ideally you want to find a yellow item with all your desired affixes and then craft from there. Since you gain instability every time you craft this is your best possible starting point since it will have the affixes without any instability. Anyone could find a white item and put on their desired affix and the gear hunt would be negligible then. Maybe you will get lucky with a white item and get full t5 without it breaking. That would be super exciting in itself but it isn’t likely.

Looking for a blue or yellow to start with provides value to each of those drops. In too many games the lower tier items are just waste or screen clutter. In D3 it is just blown up and turned into crafting mats. In PoE they allow you to just hide it making it a waste.

At least for me, once you start to understand the system, it makes the gear hunt exciting. You don’t have to just farm and farm and farm until you get the one drop. You can gauge what kind of risk you want to take using the crafting system by determining what tier you want to start. Between that and balancing Inventory of your glyphs and mods, you will have to determine if it’s worthwhile.

Can the system be improved upon, yes, but I think it is a pretty interesting system that is a different twist on loot and crafting.

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yeah if you could just craft all mods onto a white piece of gear the game would be too easy. Pick up the base item you want and your endgame ready -done- there would be nothing left to do

Ovbiously. The question is, how much grind, aka “make the items feel special” is the riht amount.

I think at this point what is needed is more of a crafting tutorial. I don’t think they need to give all of the strategies of crafting at the start of the game, but maybe something that steps you through adding a useful mod to a piece of gear once you get to the End of Time or some other point in the game. I know they send you to the forge once you get to the imperial era, but maybe they need to have us mod a gear piece.

A lot of my confusion when I first started playing was that i was looking for gear drops as the end all be all (like most other games). I was not looking at it from the perspective that you can take that blue drop or even yellow and add to it or enhance it.

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I’m loving the crafting on this game- fresh and different. instead of farming for awesome gear each time you sit down there is a good chance for an upgrade. I wonder what this will do for ‘end game’ gearing though? Even with all the many possible builds- will this cause creating a build and getting end game gear for it “too” easy? Hard to say, but currently I’m really enjoying it!

Thing about crafting is indeed if you pickup a white base and try to craft everything you want on it you have that option however it is going to be much harder to craft even 2xT5 mods on a White Base… The key is to find a Base with one or even better two of the mods you want on your item already there and if possible already T3+ then you have a much better chance of hitt 2xT5, 3xT5, or even possibly 4xT5 but, this also requires going on that loot hunt to find that base you want with a roll or two you want already there.

Feels like a pretty fair trade to me. It actually works quite well. Crafting is probably one of the best features of this game so far. Along with Build options because of the crafting system.

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There is one thing with the crafting system in this game I don’t understand. If you craft with a white item you’ll fracture it pretty fast most likely and then there are yellow items with better stats then you white craft but they still have 100 structure points (or whatever it’s called) like if they were a never touched white item.

This makes sence to me from a game system standpoint but for common sence not a bit. If adding stuff on items damages it all items should be handled the same way. It’s stupif o start on a item with 3 t3 stats like if nothing was ever done with the item while 3 T3 stats should alreday have reduced the items durability. Again I get it from a balance perspective but it hurts a “bit” to look at it.

I think it makes perfect sense even from a “lore” perspective. The way to think about it is that anything that hasn’t been crafted on would have no instability.

You’re assuming that every item in the world start off as a white item, but that’s not correct. That 3 T3 item really “began” its life as a 3 T3 item that has never been crafted on, so why should it have suffered crafting instability?

Ah I get it! It was cloudy with chance of spear rain and they dropped from the sky. Weapons are no natural ressource and were made at some point by some beeing. Even the lore perspective “It’s like that because your forging skills suck… dah!” would make more sence to me ;). But after all it don’t matter at all and I would simply be intrested about a devs point ov view about it. Game mechanic vise everything is crystal clear: farm a weapon with the stats you want and make it better. Makes perfect sence but my roleplay self is scratching his head.

I agree. It provides a balance between “grind for loot” and “grind for materials”.

Items can either be perfect or decent starter points for a crafted piece, or they can be a source of craft materials to rank up the tiers on that crafting piece once you find it. either way it makes all items potential viable sources for looting, for a variety of reasons.

The only thing that I would like to see for a possibility of investment and interest is to give us a way to improve our “forges” to do things like increase chances of getting more components, or reducing the instability per forge. Even if it requires more farming and rare materials, it would be a fun aspect of the game to invest in. Short and skinny, I’d like to see the forge become a more involved aspect of the game instead of just a “place to craft”.

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