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Controller Support Feedback

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FYI I’ve been using the Steam Controller (emulating keyboard/mouse) with Last Epoch and it works great. Couple of suggestions:

  • Please keep the option to disable the native controller support. Initially I had some spurious input, it turned out it was because the native controller support was also detecting the controller and reacting to trigger input.
  • Every time I boot the game, I have to go disable the native controller support. It would be great if the game could save this state…

The mappings I use are similar to the ones I use for other ARPGs. Last Epoch doesn’t seem to have a need to hold the shift key to stand still (unlike most other games) and this actually makes it easier to map to the Steam Controller, and to play with less hand strain.

I tried the game’s native controller support at first, but for me the right stick mouse movement doesn’t work well enough for ranged skills where you need to aim, like hammer throw. I really hope the controller support improves, for me this is not just a preference, it’s an accessibility feature. I get too much hand pain from using a mouse.

Like others have mentioned, some sort of directional or auto-aim would make the builtin controller support to be usable for ranged skills. Or possibly make the right stick snap the mouse to the middle of the screen in neutral position, and make the mouse move proportionally outwards relative to how much you move the stick. Not sure how well that would work though, some sort better support for aiming would probably be more natural.


Thanks again for the feedback guys, meanwhile I can confirm that the shop bug has been fixed, it’s now possible to purchase and sell items wih the controller.
Also warpath when using a controller has been reworked. Both fixes are coming in the next patch :wink:


Since this is the only topic i found about controllers I have an Xbox One controller id’e like to setup but I dono where to begin I see Xinput ingame I have looked it up but none say for Xbox One controller or Windows 10 I kinda need a turtorial if you please?


Hi! Xbox one controllers should be working out of the box without issues, you should be able to fire up the game and move the cursor with the right stick. If not, what kind of x1 controller are you using? How is it connected?


Well i tried to calabrate it and it crasd my game i dono how i had to force close but ill give it a go and just try some custom remaps to suit my liking and thanks!!


If it happens again / you find a way to reproduce the crash please let us know :+1:t2:


Hey guys. Any updates on controller support improvements?


Can I just confirm you’ve seen the controller improvements in Patch 0.7.0e?

Your most recent post in this thread appears to have been regarding an issue related to vendors, and that should have since been resolved.


Hi Sarno. I was more referring to auto aiming, versus using the right analog stick to aim ranged skills. I was wondering if there has been any changes to this, or any plans to change the manually aiming? Or make auto-aiming an option?


Hey! You guys gave us a lot of feedback about this matter and we are listening. We’ll be likely tweaking controller aiming but our dev resources are currently being allocated to other systems which are more important or essential to the game so we don’t have an eta as of today.


Thanks for the update. Good to hear that the aiming will be tweaked in the future. It’ll be nice to use a controller to sit back and play eventually. :slight_smile:


Yeah that is totally understandable. Thanks for taking the time to give us an update :slight_smile:



Played LE for 98 hours and do all combat on a controller but use mouse for inventory/skill points etc as its just easier

Controller support needs 3 things mainly -

  • auto targetting (already mentioned)

  • mouse cursor to disappear when analog/buttons are pushed

  • targetting of items on the floor to be able to pickup, or even just items you stand over

Those 3 things will make controller play feel really good. Warpath already feels really good to play. The menu stuff isnt in my opinion necessary compared to those 3 points


Thanks for the feedback!
Could you please elaborate more about the cursor not disappearing? What platform are you on?
The mouse cursor should be disappearing, leaving space to the controller cursor, so only one of them should be visible at once.


Platform? Steam…PC

When you move the analog stick A cursor stays on screen and even jumps back and forth on its own occasionally, since I don’t play with the mouse anyway they are the same thing to me

I can record a video later I guess but Grim Dawn has good controller support and when you move in GD on a control the cursor vanishes completely

I just put the mouse cursor on my character so it stays centre but EVERYTIME I have to loot something I have to readjust it

please look at the last 10 seconds of this Grim Dawn vid I recorded a long time ago, and you will see how I feel its supposed to work - theres no mouse cursor anywhere until I press the mouse


Hey there,

Is this on Windows, Linux, or macOS? Which controller are you using?


Windows. Xbox controller. Ive played LE for about 100 hours and solely on the controller so I know no different. I play PoE with a controller but use a 3rd party program to ‘async’ the analog in a circle around your character - this doesn’t work in LE as the driver is being consumed by the game.

Im at work, ill make a short video later/screenshot of how I play this game, my main issue though (which stated wont be fixed for a while anyway) is auto targeting/pick up materials


So I just recorded a video of 2 slower monolith runs on how I play currently, this is my Paladin who arguably feels the best to play as Warpath works great on a controller and I use Vengeance and you can see how Lunge works

If you watch the skillbar obviously it will change based on my last input mouse or controller however the mouse cursor never vanishes and I need to loot everything with the mouse, interestingly I set Down on my Dpad to ‘move’ which activates doors/shrine events but will not loot items which has the same option as Left click

I cant play any builds that require any sort of targeting unless I stand right on the monster with the mouse on my character, skills like Fireball, Shield Rush or other movement skills like Leap

im not sure if you want ‘only’ the controller or mouse to work at a single time but functionally its much easier to be able to just switch between them quickly but when the last input is a controller action the mouse needs to vanish…but auto targeting needs to exist

Also picking up mats also done with auto targeting but even adding auto pickup to shards would be a godsend


Thanks for the detailed info, currently the behaviour you are experiencing is the correct one. The cursor you are seeing while playing with the controller is used to aim certain skills with the right controller stick. You can also press it to recenter it quickly. Untill we have some sort of auto targeting and pickup in place that’s the only viable way of playing both melee and non melee builds with a pad.

We’ll be looking at the issue of the player being stuck :+1:t2: