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Contant crashing, looks like Unity issue

Hello there. First of all, nice job after 1 year. Content of the game is larger and larger, I like that. However I’ve huge issue with the game - it crashes every 10-30 mins. I can hear music or clicks in the bacground but nothing happens and after another 5 secs Unity error appears for short time, and boom, desktop. If there’s any way to send logs to the game developers or technical support, it would be great.

Edit: Spotted that crash is more often when I’m alt+tab’ing from the game. As long as I’m not doing it to check out something in Discord/browser etc, game is working a bit more stable. No difference between ex fullscreen and maximized window.

My log file BEFORE launching the game again, and AFTER some playtime with crashes below:

output_log.txt (1.5 MB)

Ofc I should answer some questions:

  • What character I’m playing?
    Necromancer. As much minions as possible.

  • Maybe your hard drive is dying?
    Nope, I put the game on frash new Seagate drive and on my SSD drive, no difference.

  • Is your PC overheating?
    Nope, water cooling block is around 52C, GPU is a bit higher, around 58C. It’s still much less than during video encoding or playing games like CoD: MW (62 / 65).

  • Drivers up to date?
    Yes, they are. Brand new, clean and fresh using Nvidia tool to install clean GPU drivers.

  • Is your PC good enough to handle the game?
    With ease, 2080ti, 32 GB RAM, 6 cores CPU.

  • Do you have any overlays?
    Nope, everything turned off.

  • When crashes appears?
    Randomly. Sometimes I can afk and after 2 mins game is crashing, sometimes it appears after 20 mins.

  • Do you have any RAM leak or something? Is the game eating too much resources?
    Nope. But the game looks strange in Task Manager, it looks like two games are running at once, I mean near LastEpoch.exe I can see (2). Maybe that’s because Unity error window.

  • Which settings are you playing on? Have you tried to reduce settings?
    Maximum, without DoF and AA. Yes, no effect.

Thank you for providing so much information. Unfortunately, the log file provided does not have any references to the crash - although this is itself helpful to know.

To investigate this further, I would need to see both a DxDiag and MSInfo.

We have support articles showing how to generate each of these;

You can either zip these and attach them to a forum post just as you did with the log file, or alternatively, you can bundle them into a single .zip and submit it through our support site.

If you would like to try playing Last Epoch while we look into this, I would suggest that you try performing a Clean Boot and open as few other programs as possible. I’ll include a link to Microsoft’s support article regarding Clean Boots in case you are interested in doing so.

Thanks for answers, Sarno.
I will send normal ticket/email using contact page at the website. Some stuff like DxDiag or MSInfo may contain not-so-public informations, so I prefer this kind of contact with you :slight_smile:
I’m quite OK with crashing, and get used to it, so Clean Boot isn’t option for me. But, as we both know - it would be great to get rid of this problem.
Mail should be at your mailbox in few next minutes.

It seems you may have sent us the DxDiag twice.

Could you please send us the MSInfo?

Oppps, done :slight_smile: Both of us made small mistake - I sent you DxDiag twice, and your contact page
does not allow me to send two files at once :stuck_out_tongue:

Found that problem is only with Necromancer.

I streamed the game yesterday for 2,5 hours and NOTHING, but playing as Primalist+Shaman. Today I was playing again Necromancer and the game started crashing again.

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