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Constant crash, dont want to refund i realy like the game help me out plz!

im having constant crashes while playing, at start it was more often when i use a portal or change zones, but now its happening alot, plz help me…

Could you upload the log & crash files? Also, what is your pc’s hardware?

You could also try getting steam to verify the files if you got it via steam.

saved a dxdiag from my system and the last logs from crashes, hope we can find the (25.6 KB)

are Devs even looking at forums? whats the point of having a support forum if they dont give us attention.

They do look at the forums, but it was only yesterday that you made your original post & being a small company they have limited resources (people) to look at this kind of thing (probably along with other dev-stuff). Though I agree that more prompt action would be good.


this stupid problem is rly broken the game for me and my friends, at this point i think no help will come from support, i just noticed that this forum have tons of ppl with the same problems and no answer for then also.

man still nothing? not a single word about this crashes? are we alone in here?

half of the support topics are about constant crash, and none of them was answered by devs, we cant test nothing if we cant play !!