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Confusion regarding class specializations

Hey there!

I’ve been watching this game for a bit, but in the process of doing so, something has started to confuse me. The website’s description of classes makes it sound as if you can only specialize into one of the three sub-classes.

However, builds I have seen on here and certain skill descriptions make it seem as though you can specialize into multiple. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a turnoff that you don’t just specialize into one, as that makes the sub-class system seem sort of pointless.

If it works differently than this, can someone please clarify for me? It’s definitely something that’s put a block in my desire to buy into beta.


There are unlocked and locked sections of class masteries. You’ve access to the base section of all three, but you can only access the top (‘locked’) section of a single class mastery.

The idea is that you can only become a single mastery in earnest, but you have access to some of the less distinctive powers of the other masteries. Hope that helps clarify! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the quick reply! This clears up some confusion, and has renewed my interest. I’m just waiting on a few skills of intrigue to get their skill trees, but I’ll definitely be heading into the beta after that with this new info!

Here’s an image which may help clarify how it works;

You can unlock access to the locked section of only a single mastery.

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This clarifies a lot! I do have one last question though! From what I know, certain skills only gain access to parts of their skill tree depending on the sub-class specialization. Is this higher specialization what determines this as well? i.e. Would a Sentinel skill with a Void Knight exclusive passive only access those when you unlock the higher parts of the Void Knight tree?

This isn’t how it works currently, and we don’t presently plan on changing that.

Specialize into a skill and you’ve access to the tree in its entirety.

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Thanks again for all these answers! I’ll be sure to support you guys when I can~

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