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Clean install - what to back up?

I’m going to reinstall my computer. Which files do I have to back up to keep my character progression? I’m using the original launcher and pathing.

Is this on Windows, Linux, or macOS?

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Windows 10

Ah, in that case the information you are looking for would be housed within the Windows Registry. Our official position is that we cannot recommend modifying the Windows Registry - and that, if you do so, you should absolutely create a backup of it first.

If you would like to do so anyway, a member of the community created this tool which you may be interested in. Please bear in mind that we aren’t able to support third-party software.

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Not sure if I follow. I do not wish to modify any files; I want to copy the files needed to ensure I do not lose my playable characters. To my knowledge Last Epoch stores their account/character information locally right? I literally want to copy paste the needed files onto an external harddrive and back them up. After I reinstalled my computer I want to copy paste them back so I can continue playing my characters. I do have my account linked to my Steam account. Can I make a backup using Steam somehow? Thanks in advance.

As I said, that information is saved in the Windows Registry.

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Alright no idea how to modify or to back that up. Thought it would be alot easier. Guess I’ll just start from scratch.

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