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Classic Summoner Build (melee minions, no Sacrifice) - got to Arena wave 228



Just wanted to boast a little.
This is a build for those who doesn’t want to use Sacrifice for some reason.

Skills: Skeletons, Golems, Wraiths, Mark for Death, Rip Blood
Gear: 100% Glancing Blow, Intelligence, Minion Health/Dodge/Damage, Health (added/increased),
Passives: see video; all subsequent points should go into Intelligence.

Video: Arena 201-205; Skills & Passives

At wave 228 my minions were sill doing okay, I was just caught off-guard by a fresh spawn, and one-shot by a volley of 10 or so fireballs.

There are 2 unique items that would help this build greatly with melee DPS:
The Fang
Doublet of Onos Tull
I don’t have either yet, sadly.