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Chimeras Essence (shapshifting Unique) Bugged

The unique “Chimeras Essence” which is a amulet unique for shapeshifting is bugged when logging into game and until you manually fix it (explanation how to do so below) it doesnt give the affix stats it says it does.

The unique gives 140% damage boost 10% speed and 20% reduced elemental protection. None of these affixes work though until you take the amulet off put on a different amulet while in human form then put the chimeras essence back on and transform into a shapeshifted form.

If i log into the game and just transform into a shapeshifted form it does not work. Once you do get it to work (by doing the explanation above) it seems to stay working. Just a small bug that does currently have a workaround but is annoying. Hope its fixed in the next patch :slight_smile:

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