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Chimaera's Essence doesn't work if equipped when logging in; fixed by unequipping and reequipping

The Chimaera’s Essence unique amulet is supposed to provide bonuses while your character is transformed.

Currently, if you have the item equipped when logging in, it will fail to detect transformations and provide no bonuses while transformed. This is fixed (for the rest of your login session) if you unequip and then reequip it. The item does still correctly provide the attack speed from its implicit modifier without this workaround, but none of the “while shapeshifted” stats work.

Here’s a video demo of the bug:

  • First I log in. I have Chimaera’s Essence equipped.
  • I use Reaper Form, which is a Transformation skill and should trigger the bonuses. However, my damage stats and move speed fail to update.
  • I unequip and then reequip the amulet.
  • I use Reaper Form again. This time, I correctly gain increased damage and movement speed.

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