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Chests empty after teleporting out and back in

Hello, I am finding that if I teleport out of a map to the last refuge using teleport. When I come back in any chest that is on the map after that only gives 1 to 2 gold. I finished a quest where you have to help the skeleton die. Only thing in each of the three chests was 1 or 2 gold each.

I have notice the same type of issue and I can’t pinpoint if it has to do with how close the chest is to your town portal (father away chest are fine), or if its zone related. Either way, there is some issue there with chests never looted behaving like they have been looted.

I was pretty far away from the chests when I went to town.

I think there’s a debuff applied on you when you enter a zone from a TP. This makes chests give basically no items to prevent people from exiting and coming back over and over to reset chests for drops.

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