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Chat Stopped Working

My chat no longer works. I was playing earlier and chat was working fine. Then I turned in that quest where “rat city” is one of the options. I clicked rat city, and then I didn’t get any quest reward (I read online that I should get rewards regardless of which option I chose). I then went to ask about it in chat but there was a red message in my chat box saying chat disconnected. I restarted the game but now the chat box takes a long time to load, and when it does it just says disconnected. I tried a different character, same problem. I double checked to make sure chat was enabled. It was.

Hi there, I’m not seeing a chat ban on your account or any failed log in attempts. Do you have a Player.log file that I could see to find an issue in? Are you still having the issue after closing the game fully and repoening?

Info on where to find that is here:

It fixed itself later in the day. I have a feeling it was a server issue because when I logged back in others were talking about their chat finally working again. Thanks!

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Also having this problem, asking folks questions, then a couple of minutes later chat just stops taking input.

Hi @Sanctuarys_Reaper we’ve got the problem tracked down and it should be fixed for next patch. It actually probably is taking inputs but is just really shy about it. The visuals get stuck faded out and won’t fade back in. Restarting the client, while annoying, should fix it, at least temporarily.

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