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Chat and Overlay Post Patch

Chat does not work at all now. The overlay zoom slider does not work at all now. Not sure what else was broken by the patch but that’s what I noticed right away.

Could you try restarting the client and then check whether chat works?


This will be fixed in Patch 0.7.7e.

Thank you for responding. Still having chat issues but will restart again and check.

Chat still does not work. Did you mean Patch 0.7.7e? This is patch 0.7.7d and the slider is completely inoperable.

Ah, I did indeed - sorry for the typo.

Hrm, I’ve been intermittently chatting with people in-game, so it’s definitely not a global problem. I’ll pass it on and see if anyone on the team has any ideas regarding this.

Chat does work now. Appreciate your feedback.

Great to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to update the thread.

We’re working to improve chat reliability in future patches.

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