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[Chance to Crit: YES] 100% Crit Forge Guard

Hello everyone,
7.10 brought a new tree for FG,
some things actually are kind of a partial nerf for FG (pots use and dmg on hit taken),
while some global things have been added like new shred & frailty stacks.

I didn’t try the throwing attacks and the shield side.
Instead I went straight into 2H action and went for the classical polearm, below is my version of the Crit Forge Guard:

Gear template:

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Interesting build… Assume you are using Assassins idols?

Was looking through lastepochtools and lastepoch.tunklab to see if there was any gear that had on crit procs but nothing useful showed up… Would be interesting if this “permanent crit” could proc secondary actions…

heya, assassin’s are not necessary, the idols are those depending of the main skill, 4x vengeance idols (plus extra horizontal idol) or 4x rive ones.
About idols these are a great idea actually, but the current balance doesnt leave a real choice


<- or anything of choice