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Cannot go to chapter 3


Dunno if i’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug,but i cannot go on chapter C from the End of time.Once i have spoke with Elder there was an option “focus on 1230” and i have not choose it immidiatly,if i speak back to him again the only option avaible is “goodbye”.(sorry for language my english is very poor)


Could you press J (Quest Journal) and take a screenshot of what appears there?


How could take a screenshot?sorry for my ignorance


Somehow i have done it
the only option if i spoke to him


Check your waypoints and see if there is one available in chapter C. It should have been automatically acquired unless this is indeed a strange bug. I deliberately tried to break it on one of my playthroughs and found that the way point i needed was acquired anyways.


The only waypoint active on chap C is arena :frowning:


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