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Can you guess all five skills these were created for?


This is our last social post focusing on new skill art for a while. This should start off being fairly easy - but can you guess all five skills which have new art in this post?

Let us know your best guesses!

Skill One


Skill Two


Skill Three


Skill Four


Skill Five (and variants)


First one is defniitely for Summon Bedpost.

  1. Summon Thorn Totem
  2. Summon Frenzy Totem?
  3. Summon Storm Totem
  4. Healing Wind? Entangling Roots?
  5. Rive? Or another combo melee skill?


These really look Monk inspired!

Thorns totem
Frenzy totem
Lightning Nova, maybe tethers?
Healing spell – though not sure where.
Flurry attacks!

Super pumped for this new art!


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